Why Hire an Architect for your condominium community renovation?

GRLA has worked with property managers and condominium boards on projects ranging from small leak investigations of a single unit to full-scale, multi-million dollar building envelope replacements of entire condominium communities such as:

Maple Ridge, Burlington, MA
The Pavilion, Cambridge, MA
The Basilica, Charlestown, MA
Village Falls, Newton Upper Falls, MA

Whether your project is large or small, hiring a registered architect at the beginning of your project will help ensure that work is completed correctly and within schedule and budget parameters.

ten reasons to hire a registered architecture firm specializing in building envelope projects for your community:

  1. Define the recommended scope of work and confirm that the scope meets the needs of the community.

  2. Educate the community about the need for the project and the steps involved.

  3. Improve performance of final product.

  4. Reduce the risk of future problems.

  5. Provide expertise in building envelope materials and compatibility issues.

  6. Coordinate and comply with building code and local building department officials.

  7. Provide professional observation and documentation of the work during construction.

  8. Evaluate contractor payment applications.

  9. Expeditiously resolve unforeseen complications discovered during construction.

  10. Understand the “big picture” and how specific building envelope repairs relate to the overall structure and site.

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