Building Envelope Consulting Services

The house may leak, but the architecture is bigger than the leak.
— Architect David Battersby

We disagree.

At GRLA architecture is about form and function. Our building envelope sciences team provides a range of building envelope consulting services related to all building envelope components to help make better buildings. We provide building envelope consulting services to:

  • architects
  • owners
  • contractors
  • developers

Everyone knows that leaks and other building envelope problems can be a big headache. The numbers back it up: "water intrusion makes up more than 70 percent of construction litigation." Our consulting services are focused on both improving performance and reducing risk.

GRLA provided building envelope consulting services to the Construction Manager for The MERC at Moody & Main in Waltham, MA. 

GRLA provided building envelope consulting services to the Construction Manager for The MERC at Moody & Main in Waltham, MA. 

Envelope Details: Required by Law

Did you know that the International Building Code requires construction documents to provide details of the exterior envelope?

The construction documents shall provide details of the exterior wall envelope as required, including flashing, intersections with dissimilar materials, corners, end details, control joints, intersections at roof, eaves or parapets, means of drainage, water-resistive membrane and details around openings.
— 2009 International Building Code Section 107.2.4

The building envelope sciences team at GRLA can help provide this needed level of technical detail in your construction documents, whether during the design phase or during construction if the design has been delegated. We work collaboratively with the whole project team towards one goal: a successful project. Where others may be dogmatic, we are pragmatic. 


Document Peer Review

Our building envelope experts will work with you to review drawings and specifications to identify gaps in the design intent. We want to make sure all of the building envelope control layers are continuous and in the right place.


Construction Phase Services

We come out to the site and spend time with the men and women building the project. We want to understand the unique challenges on each job and work together to find practical solutions that keep things moving in the right direction.


More Than Just Peer Reviews

In addition to document peer reviews and construction phase services, we often provide a variety of other consulting services as well. These services include:

  • facility strategic planning
  • due diligence studies
  • capital needs assessments
  • inspection and maintenance programs
  • expert witness and expert consultant services

How can we help you? We would be delighted to discuss your building envelope consulting needs. Chat with us by clicking the orange bubble in the bottom right, or the button below.


The quote at the top of the page is taken from this article: Arthur Erickson Icon Gets A Thoughtful Update