Cognex Corporation

Natick, MA

Longtime client Cognex Corporation asked GRLA to develop new designs for its soaring 4-story lobby, as well as its executive boardroom and offices.  The company's goal: creating a “Wow!” experience for clients, visitors and employees alike.  

GRLA re-designed the spaces to fit Cognex’s brand, making use of the company’s yellow, black, and gray color palette, with sleek and modern finishes.  For the lobby, a giant lit-up "Pixel Wall", visible from the exterior, creates a dramatic focal point to showcase the company's innovative strides and serve as an inspirational welcome.  Clusters of seating, a product demonstration area, and new glazing create a modern, light-filled space that celebrates the company's achievements while looking towards the future.  In the Executive Board room and office areas, new “huddle spaces” were designed for small group working sessions, while the Executive Board Room allows for larger meetings. Glazing at select walls and low partitions create the feeling of a more open floor plan, and bring natural light into the space.