Sustainable Design and the Future of the Built EnvironmentGRLA's Commitment to Carbon Neutral Design 

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GRLA is committed to do our part in the design of the built environment to reduce green-house gas emissions and to move to a carbon neutral future to ensure that our children’s children have a world that continues to provide for them.

Buildings generate nearly 40% of the annual global greenhouse gas emissions. The global building stock is set to double in area by 2060, concentrated in urban areas. This approximately 2.48 TRILLION SF of new space must be designed to meet zero-net-carbon standards in order to have a positive effect on reduction of our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

Since our founding in 1976, GRLA has been focused on sustainability and climate responsive design strategies. Some of our earliest projects were active and passive solar homes – at a time when solar PV was running about $78 per watt versus 40 cents today! Today our commitment to sustainable design is stronger than ever and we have signed the AIA 2030 Commitment challenging all new buildings to be carbon-neutral by 2030. 

We are LEED certified designers, members of the United States Green Building Council, and have completed many LEED rated buildings. We have also presented at numerous conferences to further the cause of sustainable design and climate reality design responses. 

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We look forward to discussing your next project to see how GRLA can incorporate:

  • Responsive site design and building orientation.

  • On-site rain gardens and drought tolerant landscaping systems.

  • High performance building envelope systems including super insulated systems.

  • State of the art smart HVAC systems that do more with less.

  • Renewable energy systems including active and passive solar installations.

  • Utilizing recycled and sustainably sourced materials.

  • Low flow plumbing systems and fixtures.

  • Daylight and occupancy sensors to enhance building performance.

  • Phase changing glazing systems.

  • Improving indoor air quality for employees.

  • Achieving Net-Zero, LEED, WELL, or Passive House certifications.


key sustainable projects


•          Subaru of New England Corporate Headquarters Norwood, MA 165,000 SF | LEED Platinum

•          EMC Corporate Headquarters Hopkinton, MA 650,000 SF | LEED Gold

•          Liberty Mutual Insurance Group New Office Building Dover, NH 350,000 SF | LEED Gold

•          U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Building Lawrence, MA 33,000 SF | LEED Silver

•          Worcester Innovation Center Worcester, MA 140,000 SF | LEED Certified | Adaptive Re-Use Project


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