Sustainable Design

GRLA strives to incorporate sustainable design initiatives into every project, whether the goal is LEED certification or not. We focus on making buildings more efficient, comfortable, and safe for the end-user. And many green design strategies are low, or even no-cost.

Our sustainable design work includes:

  • Smart site and building design that mitigate the impact of new construction on the surrounding landscape while making the most of natural elements like the sun.

  • High-performing building envelopes for improved efficiency and reduced energy usage.

  • Heating and cooling systems that do more with less, powering buildings using fewer resources and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

  • Recycled and sustainably-sourced materials

  • Improved indoor air quality, through the use of low-emitting building mate- rials and increased ventilation.


key sustainable projects

•          Subaru of New England Corporate Headquarters Norwood, MA 165,000 SF | LEED Platinum

•          EMC Corporate Headquarters Hopkinton, MA 650,000 SF | LEED Gold

•          Liberty Mutual Insurance Group New Office Building Dover, NH 350,000 SF | LEED Gold

•          U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Building Lawrence, MA 33,000 SF | LEED Silver

•          Worcester Innovation Center Worcester, MA 140,000 SF | LEED Certified | Adaptive Re-Use Project


Document Peer Review

Our building envelope experts will work with you to review drawings and specifications to identify gaps in the design intent. We want to make sure all of the building envelope control layers are continuous and in the right place.


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